Welcome to the University of Dundee's Online Timetables

Please be aware that the timetables are subject to change therefore it is important that you check regularly.

These pages will allow you to view your timetables for the 2018-19 Academic Year. You can search the timetables via Programmes and Modules and there is also the facility to search by Student Group if you have been allocated to one for your Programme.

You can also use this service to view room timetables and staff have the option to view the staff timetables.

Timetables available

The links on the left-hand side will offer you the following types of timetable output:

- Modules: View the timetable more one (or more) modules, either as seperate grids, lists or as a combined list
- Programmes: View the timetable for a complete Programme of Study (comprising all compulsory and optional modules for the Programme)
- Locations: View the schedule of bookings for an individual space or spaces
- Staff: View your own personal teaching timetable (note: input of Staff ID number required)
- Student Sets: View your timetable (note: this is only relevant to students in a small number of Schools who have agreed to use Sets as set up by Central Timetabling)

How to find and interpret your timetable

For each menu option you will need to identify and select your relevant Programme, Module or Student Group from the list. You can do this either by scrolling through the list or by using the search facility.

You will also need to select the week and time options. N.B. Most Programmes are delivered Mon-Fri between 9am-6pm although some may fall outside these times. (Please select the 'Extended Day' to check for sessions that fall outside these hours)

The format you want to view your timetable, either as a Grid or List, can be selected by choosing the relevant radial button. To help you understand your timetable better, guides are available here:

Guide To Grid Format
Guide To List Format

Contact Us

For queries relating to the academic timetable,

Students: Please contact your school office directly.

Staff: Please contact the Timetabling Office via your nominated school timetabling representative.